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We are still adding locations on this very new site … please be patient …

The blue circle with a number inside marks several locations in that region, which are not available on actual zoom level. If you click the circle, you will zoom to a level where the locations can be separated.

Area 1: You can filter the view by category. All locations, which are not in that category, will disappear.

Area 2: You can change the view of the map.

Area 3: If you have chosen a category filter, you can view a list of all locations inside this category.

Area 4: You can change to full screen view of the map. You will come back to the page with finishing full screen view.

Area 5: Drag and drop the people icon to any location on the map, and you will be shown photos and panoramas of that region. With + and –  you can manage the zoom. If you zoomed per drag and move, you will fast return to the original size of the map with some clicks on the minus .

Area 1: If you click on an icon, a nice preview of the selected location slides in. The meaning of the above listed three icons are:

  1. Gold Bonus Partner = Card members get discounts on sales or services
  2. Recommended Partner = Partner promises a card member welcome treatment
  3. Suggested Location = No benefit for card members, but tested and suggested by Holiday Bonus Card

Area 2: The first left symbol, which means directions, is not active.  You can enter directions with link to original Google Maps inside the description of  a single location. The magnifiing glass moves the selected item to the center of the map and zooms into the nearer region. If you close the preview with the very right cross symbol, you can explore the region.

Please notice that the “Google Maps Link” opens in a new TAB or window. Although we are already in an adapted version of Google Maps, there are plenty of more options, like directions.
“HBC Partner Page” links to a presentation of the location in detail. It opens in the same window, because it is located on the same site. You can use the menu to come back to the map.

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